South Wales Alliance League restructure from 2023-24

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Following discussions between the League and the South Wales FA, the League will undergo its’ biggest changes since formation from the start of the 2023/2024 season.

The current set up of three divisions of sixteen clubs will move to four divisions of twelve with a Premier Division, Division One and two regionalised Division Twos.

Clubs will spend 2022/23 playing for their places in the new set up although promotions and relegations will still also occur and the new structure will begin the following season.

It is planned that fewer matches will reduce the number of midweek games at the end of the season although in a linked development, the South Wales FA will also relax their rule prohibiting clubs from playing in their Senior Cup if they have also entered the Welsh Cup and/or FAW Amateur Trophy.

These changes will also eliminate the risk of having to relegate an extra team in the Premier Division if required to do so because of relegated clubs in higher leagues needing to be accommodated in the South Wales pyramid. The League will then be able to run with an extra club with the additional relegation taking place twelve months later and everyone gets a full season of knowing how many clubs can expect relegation.

In Division Two, the regionalisation will lead to more local derbies and less travelling costs for clubs while three clubs will be relegated from each Division Two at the end of the season making it an easier possibility for clubs to bounce back if they are relegated to local leagues.

Requirements at the end of the 2022/23 season (two teams will also be promoted and relegated in addition to restructuring)

Therefore, the following will occur at the end of the 2022/23 season

Premier Division

Teams finishing 11th – 16th are relegated

Division One – teams finishing first and second are promoted

Season 2023/24 Premier Division comprises

Two teams relegated from Ardal Leagues*
Teams finishing 3rd – 10th in Premier Division from 2022/23
Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in Division from 2022/23

Season 2023/24 Division One comprises

Teams finishing 11th – 16th in Premier Division 2022/23
Teams finishing 3rd – 6th in Division One 2022/23
Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in Division Two 2022/23

Season 2023/24 Division Twos comprise

Teams finishing 7th – 16th in Division One 2022/23 (10)
Teams finishing 3rd – 13th in Division Two 2022/23 (11)
Teams promoted from local leagues in 2022/23 (3) *

All numbers may change if clubs withdraw from the League or merge

We will keep everyone up dated with matters as they develop.

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