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South Wales Football Association


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Applications are now open for the Women's Cup & Sunday Intermediate Cup!

Applications can be made via the My Comet page (Women's Cup) & Via Email (Sunday Intermediate Cup)

Closing date is August 15th 2022!

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Applications are now open for the @Loosemores_law Senior Cup! (All 1st teams at Tier 4 & below can enter).

Applications can be made via the My Comet page. Closing date is August 15th 2022!

Today is the final opportunity to enter the @Loosemores_law Senior Cup, Women's Cup & the Sunday Intermediate Cup.

Applications for both Senior Cup & Women's Cup to be made via the My Comet page.

Sunday Intermediate Cup applications to be sent to

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Handbook 2019-2020

The Association has decided to no longer issue paper handbooks but will instead use electronic copies. Our new handbook can be downloaded from this link. Directories of clubs and referees  will be forwarded out shortly.

  Law 12 – Use of offensive, insulting or abusive language

The situation regarding the above during matches under the jurisdiction of the FAW was recently considered by the FAW ‘s Referees Committee. The Committee recommended and it was approved by FAW Council that from the start of the 2008/09 season strong action should be taken by referees in all matches when players were guilty of using offensive, insulting or abusive language or gestures in accordance with Law 12.

The South Wales FA has been asked to make all players, clubs and leagues aware of this decision. The Association has advised ALL Clubs, Secretaries and Leagues of this position and that referees have now been instructed to ensure that they apply this Law of the Game correctly and with common sense.

The South Wales FA has received numerous complaints over the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language in particular on public parks where foul language


Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regiulations (GDPR) the Association has updated it’s own privacy policy and can be viewed from.SWFA privacy Notice 1.1 If anyone has any queries regarding our implementation of the regulations, please contact the Association General Secretary on



We have received details from the FAW of the public liability insurance cover that is automatically provided to all clubs who are correctly affiliated to this Association. A downloadable copy of the summary of cover and policy detail for the 2018/19 season can be accessed by clicking on this link . Clubs must be correctly affiliated to the Association for the new season before they can rely on this cover.


The South Wales FA Council have agreed the criteria for clubs who wish to apply for promotion to the South Wales Alliance Football League and this is available on pages 70-71 of the electronic handbook (downloadable from the rules page of this site). Clubs who are already members will also be re-inspected to ensure they continue to meet the criteria – member clubs will be contacted separately in this regard. The re-inspections will take place every three years to ensure facilities are maintained in accordance with criteria.



A reminder to all clubs that all friendly matches must be approved by the Association before the game is played. Clubs who do not get approval will be liable to misconduct charges and will NOT be covered by the Association block liability insurance policy.

Sanction can be obtained in writing or by e-mail to – telephone requests will not be sanctioned.



The Association is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of insulting abusive and offensive comments made on websites and social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Will all please note that comments in the names of clubs, officials and players that are considered such will be dealt with as misconduct and the perpetrators liable to disciplinary charges.


A reminder to all affected (this message has been previously circulated via all leagues)

The Association has implemented a new policy with effect from 1 September 2012 that all those (players and club officials) who receive fines along with touchline or match suspensions will be considered to be under suspension from all aspects of football if the fine is not paid by the expiry of the suspension.

The following are examples of people who may be affected by this policy.

A coach or other club official who has received a fine and touchline suspension and does not pay the fine by the end of the suspension period will be considered to be suspensded from all aspects of football until the Monday after the fine is paid.

A player who receives a match suspension with a Sunday league team but is not suspended with an other day team but does not pay the fine is suspended from all aspects of football (including any other teams he may be registered with) until the Monday after the fine is eventually paid.

Whilst these are the most common examples, they are not the only situations. If in doubt, please contact the Association Disciplinary section to check.