SWFA Cup Competitions 2021/2022

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Entries are now open for South Wales FA Cup competitions for the new season.

The following competitions can now be entered via the appropriate links on COMET

Loosemore’s South Wales FA Senior Cup https://mycomet-faw.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/4617514 – fee £20
SWFA Intermediate Cup https://mycomet-faw.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/4617509 – fee £20
South Wales FA Women’s Cup https://mycomet-faw.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/4617543 – fee £20
SWFA Girls u-15 Cup https://mycomet-faw.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/5638982 – free entry
SWFA Girls u-14 Cup https://mycomet-faw.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/11640902 – free entry

Please note – clubs cannot enter the Loosemore’s SWFA Senior Cup or SWFA Intermediate Cup if they have entered either the Welsh Cup or FAW Amateur Trophy

Entry to the SWFA Sunday Intermediate Cup is carried out outside COMET and forms have been sent to affiliated clubs as well as the respective leagues. Entry to the Boys u-16, u-15 & u-14 Cups will be by invitation and these will be dealt with by the respective leagues in the coming weeks.

As referred to in previous correspondence, clubs who entered the Senior, Intermediate or Women’s Cups for 20/21 will have their entries rolled over to this season and no fees will therefore be payable.

A number of clubs have made incorrect entries (e.g. entering both the Senior and Intermediate Cups or entering a SWFA Cup and the Welsh Cup or Welsh Aamteur Trophy) and we will be in contact with these clubs shortly.

There are also a small number of clubs who had not been knocked out of SWFA Cups when the pandemic forced the suspension of football in March 2020, as announced last summer, these clubs will be invited to enter the competitions and will have their entry fee for this season’s competition refunded – again, relevant clubs will be contacted shortly.
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