As part of the move to modernise the Association’s processes, we are publishing affiliation forms for clubs and officials to download. Forms still need to be completed and sent to the Association through the post but we are looking to increase the automation of processes in future years. PLEASE NOTE IN SEASON 2020-2021, THE MAJORITY OF FORMS ARE COMPLETED VIA THE COMET SYSTEM.  PLEASE ONLY USE FORMS ON THIS PAGE IF YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE ASSOCIATION.

Club affiliation form 2020-21 Club affiliation form 2020-21 

Template Income and Expenditure Accounts (required unless clubs prepare their own accounts Sample IandE

Cup Competitions team sheet – use for Sunday Intermediate Cup and Boys Junior Cups only  South Wales Football Association Cup Team Sheet


Referee Disciplinary Reporting Forms

Player Caution report  SWFA PLAYER Caution Form 2019-2020      

Player Sending off report SWFA PLAYER Sending Off Form 2019-2020  

Team Official Caution report SWFA TEAM OFFICIAL Caution Form 2019-2020

Team Official Sending off report SWFA TEAM OFFICIAL Sending Off Form 2019-2020

Misconduct report SWFA Referees Additional Report 2019-2020


Discipline reporting portal

Guide to using SWFA Discipline Portal South Wales FA Disciplinary Reporting System