Match Suspension

A Match Suspension is a ban on taking part in a match and on attending it in the area immediately surrounding the field-of-play. A Match Suspension may be imposed on a player or an official.

The area immediately surrounding the field-of-play includes:-

  1. The field-of-play.
  2. The dressing rooms and their immediate area.
  3. The tunnel and/or private way leading from the dressing rooms to the field-of-play.
  4. The dugouts, benches and technical areas.
  5. The prohibited area in the vicinity of the touchline and goal lines.

The player or official under a Match Suspension is prohibited from contact with match officials, players and club officials, as well as giving any media interviews, before, during and after the match.

A match suspension does not prohibit a player or official from attending or taking part in a club organised training session or a match between teams made up of players registered with his/her club. However, a player or official is prohibited from attending or taking part in a friendly or training match against a team from another club.

A club who permits a player or an official to attend a ground whilst serving a Match Suspension will be responsible for ensuring the terms of the suspension are adhered to.

A Breach of the Terms of Suspension Imposed

A breach of the terms of a Touchline Suspension, Match Suspension, Ground Suspension or Suspension from all football related Activity, will result in the South Wales Football Association/The Football Association of Wales. preferring charges of misconduct against the club and/or the individual concerned.