Promotions and Relegations within the South Wales Alliance Football League

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The South Wales Football Association has been considering the matter of promotion and relegation both to and from the South Wales Alliance League and within the League itself. We have taken note of the League Rules, particularly rules 2.2.7 to 2.2.9, section C3.3 of the constitution and the FAW Board decision of 16 June 2020.

Following the FAW announcement of the composition of the new Tier 3 Leagues for season 2020/21, Aberdare Town have been relegated to the South Wales Alliance League and Bridgend Street were not awarded a Tier 3 licence, both teams must therefore be placed in the SWAL Premier Division for season 2020/21.

The SWAL constitution states “The League will consist of a maximum of three divisions each consisting of a maximum of sixteen clubs.” In order to achieve this, it has been necessary to amend the movement between divisions from three promotions and relegations in accordance with League Rules 2.2.7 to 2.2.9.

The Association has therefore instructed the League that based upon final points per game positions, the bottom five clubs shall be relegated from the Premier Division and Division One and replaced by the top three clubs in Division One and Division Two respectively. With three clubs being promoted from local leagues into Division Two, to maintain the balance of three divisions of sixteen clubs, Graig AFC and AFC Wattstown will be relegated to the  Taff-Ely/Rhymney Valley League and Rhondda & District Football League Premier Divisions respectively.

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