FAW Rules - Objectives and Obligations

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1.           throughout South Wales, to improve the game of Association Football constantly and promote, regulate and control it in accordance with the FAW Rules and in the light of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values;


2.           throughout South Wales, to organise competitions, and authorise others to organise competitions, in Association Football in all its forms at all levels under its authority, by defining precisely, as required, the areas of authority of its various leagues and other affiliated bodies;


3.           to draw up all necessary regulations to implement its rights, powers and objectives set out under the FAW Rules and such measures and procedures as may be necessary to ensure their enforcement;


4.           to protect the interest of its Members;


5.           to comply with and prevent any infringement of the FIFA Rules, UEFA Rules and the FAW Rules and all decisions of FIFA, UEFA and the FAW as well as the Laws of the Game and ensure compliance with these by its Members;


6.           to support, promote and enforce the Football Association of Wales’ Club Accreditation Programme.


7.           throughout South Wales, to prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of football matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of Association Football under its authority;


8.           to manage the sporting relations of South Wales connected with Association Football in all its forms;


9.           to be neutral in matters of politics and religion and in discharging its functions, the South Wales) will not discriminate against a private person, or group of people, or other entity, on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics, age or any other reason and will ensure compliance with these obligations by its Members;


10.         to promote friendly relations between its Members, Subordinates and in society for humanitarian objectives.






11.         to comply fully with the FIFA Rules, UEFA Rules and the FAW Rules at all times and to ensure that these are also complied with fully by its Members and Subordinates;


12.         to ensure fairness in the election of its decision-making bodies;


13.         to take part in competitions and other sports activities organised by the FAW;


14.         to pay its membership subscriptions to the FAW;


15.         to respect the Laws of the Game and to ensure that these are also respected by its Members and Subordinates through an appropriate provision in its own membership rules;


16.         to adopt and enforce an appropriate provision in its own membership rules specifying that any dispute requiring resolution involving itself or one of its Members or Subordinates and relating to its Rules and Regulations or the FAW Rules and any decisions of the Association shall, at the appropriate stage in the dispute, come solely under the jurisdiction of the appropriate Disciplinary Body or the panel under FAW Rule 146, as the case may be;


17.         not to make any change or any amendment of its own membership rules without the approval of the FAW;


18.         to communicate to its own Members any amendment of its own membership rules and the FAW Rules;  


19.         not to maintain any relations of a sporting nature with entities that are not recognised by FIFA, UEFA or the FAW or with Members or Subordinates that have been suspended or expelled by the FAW;


20.         to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and good sporting behaviour as an expression of fair play through an appropriate provision in its own membership rules;


21.         to keep and update regularly a register of its Members;


22.         to comply fully with all other duties arising from the FIFA Rules, UEFA Rules and the FAW Rules, including the recommendations of the 2016 Area Associations Review Group and its Improvement Plan.


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