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25.1 Any League Organisation or Club instituting a Charity, Benefit or any other Competition
must, 14 days before commencing, submit a Copy of Rules in duplicate for sanction by the
Council, and shall observe the Rules of this Association.
25.2 A Club (members of this Association, or an affiliated Association), or Referee, shall not
play or take part in any Benefit, Charity, or other Competition that has not been sanctioned.
25.3 Any Club, Player, Referee or Officials so offending shall be liable to suspension or any
penalty as the Council may think fit.
25.4 Any Club or Player not being satisfied with the decision of the Committee in any competition
so sanctioned may, on payment of a deposit of £50.00, appeal to the Council of this Association for
a final ruling, and in the event of the Committee’s decision being confirmed, the same shall be
forfeited. The appeal, in triplicate, must be in the hands of the General Secretary of the Association
within seven days.
25.5 The Secretary of every Charity, Benefit or other Competition shall, at the close of every
Competition, send to the Secretary of this Association an Audited Balance Sheet and a list of the
Clubs that have competed.
25.6 All Charity, Benefit or other Competition Matches must receive the sanction of this
Association. All Competitions recognised or sanctioned by this Association, shall have the right, as
a condition of such recognition, or sanction to co-opt one Member of the Management Committee
of the Association.
25.7 A competition may not be used for trade or advertising purposes and the name of the donor
of a Cup or Trophy or any other person may form part of the title of a Competition only with the
prior consent of this Association.
25.8 The Association shall have the right of nominating one or more of its members on the
committee of all sanctioned competitions with full voting rights. Such members shall be duly
notified of all meetings affecting the respective competitions.
25.9. All Rule Books and advertising matter respecting sanctioned competitions and/or charity
matches must have thereon specifically stated that the sanction of the Association has been
obtained. The non-observance of this rule shall render any previous sanction null and void.
25.10 A Club affiliated to this Association shall not permit unsanctioned competitions or matches
in close season (except matches in accordance with rule 24.3) to take place on its ground.

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