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13.1 Players are either contract or non contract. All players under written contract must be registered annually with The Football Association of Wales.
13.2 A Contract Player shall not be eligible to play until this Rule has been complied with. All Players
must abide by The International Transfer Certificate as detailed in the Regulations of the Football
Association of Wales.
13.3 A Player approached between the end of the transfer deadline, as determined by the Football
Association of Wales and the 31st May shall not play for the club making the approach in competitive
football in the current season.
14.1 All Leagues under the control of the Association must operate a one club one player rule, strictly in accordance with the registration rules of the Football Association of Wales.
14.2 A Player must only register with one club at any one time in a Weekday and/or Sunday
14.3 A League playing recreational football may choose to adopt Rule 66.7 of the Football
Association of Wales as shown in Appendix 5 of these Rules.
15.1 Transfers of players will be permitted strictly within the Rules of the Football Association of
15.2 Weekday Leagues will not allow registrations or transfers after the date determined each
season by the Football Association of Wales.
15.3 Sunday Leagues will not allow registrations or transfers after the 28th February in any season.


A junior player is defined as a player who is registered to a Junior club in Wales. For the purpose of age groupings, an academic year begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the following hyear. Academic year one is the year in which the player reaches his/her sixth birthday.

16.1 A player aged under-16 and below on 1st September in any playing season may only register
for one junior Club at a time, PROVIDED THIS SHALL NOT PREVENT a junior player also being
registered with a Football Association of Wales Authorised Academy. For avoidance of doubt a junior
player who is registered for a junior Club AND an Academy will retain the registration details of the
Academy on any player passport required as per FIFA Regulations on the status and transfer of
16.2 On reaching his/her sixteenth birthday a player shall immediately be allowed to play in adult
football, subject to the provisions of Rules 13, 14 and 15 above.

NOTE For the avoidance of doubt - if a player chooses to play adult football for the same Club with
which he is registered for junior football he may continue to play at both adult and junior levels for
that Club. However if the player chooses to play adult football for a different Club (i.e. a Club which
does not hold his junior registration) the player immediately relinquishes his junior status.
16.3 In the case of a Player reaching the age of sixteen and before the player reaches the age of
nineteen, a player not holding a written contract with a Club shall be permitted to play in both a
designated youth league and an adult football league participating in the Football Association of
Wales Pyramidal League System. The said player must be registered with each club, if he/she plays
youth and adult football for different clubs. For the avoidance of doubt, this right shall only apply for

the remainder of the playing season in which the said player reaches his/her nineteenth birthday.
16.4 A Junior Player (male or female) under 16 years shall only play for a club located within a
regional boundary as defined by the Association within which the junior player resides. Any exception is to be considered and may be granted by the Area Association.

NOTE For the avoidance of doubt the regional boundary referred to in Rule 16.4 will be determined
by the relevant domestic league area. For female players the regional boundary will be as
determined by the South Wales Girls’ League.

16.6 A player at Under-16 (Academic Year 11) age group or under shall not be permitted to play
more than one full sided game in any 24 hour period.
16.7 In the Under-11 (Academic Year 6) age group and below small sided matches only shall be
16.8 In small sided matches at Under 11 (Academic Year 6) there will be no Leagues or Knock
Out Competitions. The game itself will be a sufficient challenge for the children.

17.1 Whilst a player remains on the roll of a recognised School priority should be given to School
activities during school hours.
17.2 All Clubs and Leagues shall include a Rule which outlines the need to clear the availability of
a Player with his/her Head Teacher during school hours.

17.3 Competitions for young players in academic years one to six shall be sanctioned shall be sanctioned by this Association subject to the written consent of the Player’s Parents and to
the Competition being played in accordance with the Football Association of Wales Mini Football Regulations. . Such games may be played with mixed teams of boys and girsl and shall be played as friendly games only.
17.4 A player who is over 6 (six) (Academic Year 1) and under 16 (sixteen) (Academic Year 11) on
1st September in any playing season should not play in a band more than one year older than the
player concerned .

17.5 For male junior players who are in academic year seven and above, the following rules on
age groupings for organised team football in a league structure shall apply.
17.5.1 A division shall be a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of two academic
17.5.2 A male junior player shall participate in the age division relevant to the academic year as
defined by these Rules and in accordance with the structure of the League in which the player
17.6 There shall be age grouping for organised team football for players who are in academic
years one, two, three, four and five as set out from time to time by the Football Association of Wales in its' Mini Football Regulations

17.7 Mixed gender matches are only permitted within the parameters laid down by FAW rule 115.

17.8 Clubs, Officials, Players and Referees are not permitted to associate themselves in any way
whatsoever with mixed football matches that fall outside the aforementioned criteria.
17.9 Headmasters of schools should not restrain players who are not selected for schools games
of any kind from playing for an outside organisation during their free time.
17.10 It shall be deemed to be serious misconduct for any Club or Club Official to induce any
player to leave school for the purpose of signing a contract of employment.

18.1 A Club, Official or Member of any club shall not induce, or attempt to induce, a bona-fide
player of another club to become a contract player, or leave his/her club until the end of the current
season without first obtaining the written sanction of the club for which he/she is a playing member.
18.2 A bona-fide player is one who is a registered player for his/her club during the current season.
18.3 The Association shall have power to deal with any offending Club, Official or member of a
Club under this rule as they deem fit.
18.4 A player who does not hold a written contract with his club shall not be approached by any
club or person attempting to induce such player to play for another club or clubs without at least
seven calendar days’ notice in writing to the Secretary of the club for which the player was last
known to have registered. Negotiations with the player may only commence after seven calendar
days of such notice being served and must cease after twenty one calendar days from the day of such notice being served.

18.5 The notice must be forwarded by recorded delivery registered post or a written
acknowledgement otherwise obtained.
18.6 A second notice shall not be given by the same Club in respect of the same player during
the current season.
18.7 When a player is concurrently a playing member of a Saturday Club and/or a Sunday Club
and/or a Mid-week Club the following procedure shall apply:-
(i) Formal notice of approach by a Weekday Club must be given to the Weekday Club or Clubs
for which the Player is a playing member.
(ii) Formal notice of approach by a Sunday Club must be given to the Sunday Club for which the
Player is a playing member.
18.8 The approaching Club or its representatives shall not give notice of intention to approach
more than one player of a Club at the same time and shall not give notice of intention to approach
another player of the same Club within 21 days of a prior notice.
18.9 A minimum of 28 days’ notice is necessary if the first approach is made by the player,
except with the written consent of the Club holding the Player’s Registration which consent shall
not be unreasonably withheld where circumstances of a special character exist, e.g. change of
residence or non-selection for any team of a club for three consecutive weeks.
18.10 Any dispute as to whether a consent has been unreasonably withheld may be referred to this
Association whose decision will be considered final.
18.11 In addition to any other penalty which may be imposed for a breach of rule the registration
of the player shall be cancelled and he shall not be eligible to play for the offending Club except with
the written permission of the Association.
18.12 No player having taken part in matches for an affiliated Club shall be allowed to join another
Club without first satisfying the Officials of both Clubs that he has discharged his reasonable
financial and other liabilities to the Club or Clubs for which he is or was a playing member.

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