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4.1 The Association shall be managed by a Council consisting of the Officers, Life Vice-Presidents,
Life Members and duly accredited Councillors as defined in 4.2 below.
4.2 Duly accredited Councillors shall be nominated in accordance with Rule 4.9 below.
4.3 The members of Council as detailed above will act as shareholders of the Limited Company
during their period of office.
4.4 Officers, Life Vice-Presidents, Life Members and duly accredited Councillors shall have full
voting powers at any Council, General or Sub-Committee Meeting.
4.5 Council will have the power to appoint to Council a Referees’ Officer and a Welfare Officer
both of whom will have full voting powers at Council, General or Sub-Committee Meetings.
4.6 Nominations and election by ballot of representative to the Football Association of Wales
(triannually) shall take place at the next Council meeting following receipt of notification for
nomination as detailed by The Football Association of Wales.
4.7 The Council shall also include a nominated Member of the South Wales Referees Association
who shall be an appointed Training Officer and representatives of The South Wales Youth and The
South Wales Womens’ and Girls’ Leagues.
4.8 On Completion of 21 years continuous service as a member of the Council, a member shall
become a Life Member.
4.9 Each League which has been affiliated to this Association for the past 3 years shall be entitled
to send a representative to the Council who must be elected as herein provided and shall not be
changed without the consent of the Council. Each League claiming to return a representative to the
Council shall during the month of July each year forward the full name and address of such
representative to the Secretary. The Council on ascertaining the correctness of the claim shall
declare such representative elected. Subsequent claims shall be dealt with as they arise. New
Leagues with 25 or more affiliated clubs shall be allowed representation provided the League has
been affiliated for three seasons.
4.10 Referees on the active list of the South Wales Football Association shall not be eligible for a
seat on the Council.
4.11 The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council shall be elected from the members of the
Council at the first meeting of the Council following the Annual General Meeting of the Company.
4.12 The Appointment of President, Life Vice-Presidents, Officers (as defined in Rule 3.1),
Referees’ Officer and Welfare Officer of the Association shall be vested in the Council.
4.13 Council shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees as it deems fit. Sub-Committees
shall be limited to six members with a quorum of three such members.
4.14 The Council shall have power to fill vacancies arising among the Officers or the Council
during the year.
4.15 Any Member of the Council who has been absent from three consecutive Council Meetings
without valid reason shall be considered to have resigned.
4.16 Any Officer or member of the Council of the Association shall be admitted to the Reserved or
Stand accommodation of any ground belonging to a Club affiliated to this Association, upon
production of his Official Pass.

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