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20.1 All Leagues shall consist of properly qualified and affiliated Clubs and must pay a
subscription as shown in Appendix 1 of these Rules.
20.2 Each League affiliated to and sanctioned by this Association shall be confined to a definite
membership, and shall neither extend nor alter its membership nor alter its constitution or rules
without the sanction of this Association.
20.3 A League shall have the same standing as a Club in such matters as affiliation subscription
and representation at General Meetings.
20.4 Divisions played in age groups Under-18 and below are limited to players who have not
attained the stated age of the League and/or Division by midnight on 31st August in the current
21.1 All Competitions must receive sanction annually, and permission for any proposed League
or Competition must be first obtained from this Association.
21.2 A Competition will not be sanctioned by this Association, unless each team above 11 years
of age taking part in such Competition fields a side consisting of eleven players, from which
number there shall be no deviation, unless as authorised by The Football Association of Wales and,
unless it be occasioned through injury or some other and proper cause during the course of any
game in such Competition.
21.3 Clubs entering Sanctioned Competitions must obtain the approval of the Association and
the appropriate League
21.4 Permission for a Club to enter a Competition shall be at the sole discretion of this
21.5 Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing Rule or in any other Rule, the
Association may give permission for Six-a-Side and Five-a-Side Competitions to be played, subject
to such conditions as the Council shall from time to time determine.
21.6. All Leagues shall forward to the Secretary of the Association by 1st August latest a return in
accordance with Form D containing the following information:-
1. Name of League
2. Year of Formation
3. Name and Address of Secretary
4. List of Clubs
5. Receipt Number for each affiliated Club
21.7 Every sanctioned League shall forward by 1st September latest a Balance Sheet signed by
the Auditor, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of such League.
21.8 Two copies of the Rules of each League or Competition must be submitted before the 1st
August and the rules of such League or Competition shall be subject to ratification by the
21.9 Failure to comply with this rule in all aspects will result in a fine being imposed as decided
by Council and possible suspension.
22.1 An affiliated Club shall not be a member of any League or Competition which has not been
sanctioned, and which is not also affiliated. (See Rule 2.3.10.)
22.2 An Official may be the Secretary of one affiliated Club only.