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  • Referee appointed by any Football Association League or Competition must (in writing or by text or e-mail) within three days of notification, accept or decline the appointment. Referees failing to do so will be liable to be fined.
  • Once a referee accepts an appointment / fixture they cannot officiate in another match without prior permission from the original Association or League else they may be dealt with by the SWFA for misconduct.
  • When cautioning or sending-off a player, the referee must ask him/her for their full name and inform the player of the misconduct offence. The name can then be cross-referenced against the team sheet (and League websites were possible). In all matches the referee should not take the player’s number and then take his name off the team sheet. The reason being that if the wrong name is on the team sheet the referee will be reporting the wrong person.
  • Any referee who fails to report misconduct may be charged for misconduct by the SWFA and suspended and/or fined.
  • Referees should always have a copy of the league/competition rules with them at all games.
  • The dress code for all referees in matches controlled by the SWFA must be black shirt, shorts and socks. Teams must ensure their colours do not clash with the referee’s kit. Where there is deemed to be a clash, the team MUST change kit.
  • Referees under the age of 16 years, may only officiate in games where the players are of a younger age group to the referee.
  • Referees must be in possession of a copy of the latest Laws of the Game Book or have access to a downloaded version.
  • All registered referees will receive a copy of the SWFA handbook annually. It is strongly recommended that all referees when submitting any reports to the Association check the rule book for the correct name of the club.
  • It is good-practice for referees, where possible, to take a photo of the completed team sheet. This may assist in any disputes at a later date.
  • Referee Disciplinary Reporting Forms can be found on the Association website at http://www.southwalesfa.co.uk/faq.html           
  • Discipline reporting portal discipline.southwalesfa.co.uk
  • All reports must be submitted within 2 days of the date of match – failure to do so will lead to action being taken against the match official.
  • Any referee over the age of 16 who officiates in any Junior Leagues or Cup Competitions must have the required DBS clearance from the FAW.
  • All match officials, having been subjected to an alleged assault, whether physically or verbally must contact the SWFA Assistant Secretary Discipline Geoff Buckingham – 01443 218 746 to report the incident immediately following the match. Please note – this must be followed by a written report within two days of the match.  If the Assistant Secretary – Discipline is unavailable, contact MUST be made with the General Secretary Mark Adams 01443 203 177