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9.1 All Clubs affiliated to this Association are responsible to the Council for the conduct of their
own Officials, Players and Spectators. Clubs are required to take all precautions necessary to
prevent Match Officials and Officials and/or Players of other Clubs being threatened or assaulted
during or following the conclusion of matches.
9.2 In the event of any club, official or player being proved to the satisfaction of the Council to
have been guilty of any misconduct, the Council shall order the name or names of the offender or
offenders to be removed from this Association, or suspend or deal with the persons concerned.
9.3 Any club, player or official, after such removal or during suspension, playing or arranging to
play with or against the offender or offenders, shall be liable to be dealt with as the Council may think fit. During a period of suspension a Club, Player or Official must not be involved with
Association Football according to the category of suspension advised. This applies to ALL games
under the jurisdiction and sanction of this Association, whether Cup, Friendly, or in League, Charity or Benefit Competition.
9.4 This Association may delegate the power to investigate all complaints, protests, etc. (with or
without plenary powers) and report thereon to any Commission or Committee it may deem
advisable, and the cost of such enquiry shall be defrayed according to the decision of the Council.
9.5 An Official involved with the organisation and operation of Junior Players must hold the
Football Association of Wales Junior Leaders’ Award as a minimum coaching qualification. All such
persons must also be in possession of a current Child Protection Certificate and act in accordance
with The Football Association of Wales Welfare Policy. Any breach of this Rule may result in the
person and/or the Club being charged with ‘Serious Misconduct’.
9.6 Referees are hereby instructed that all reports must be sent direct to this Association, which
body alone shall deal with such reports. A League or Competition which is affiliated to this
Association may not deal with any report of misconduct received from an Official or Unofficial
9.7 A Referee who cancels an appointment to referee in another match without the permission of
the League who had made the initial appointment, will be dealt with for misconduct.
9.8 The Association will only correspond with the appointed Club Secretary in all matters.


10.1 Clubs affiliated to this Association must produce their Minute Book, Cash Books and
Vouchers when requested to do so by the Association through its Secretary.
10.2 Every Club must keep a Cash Book in which shall be entered all receipts and payments. If
details are not entered in the Cash Book they must be kept in some other recorded format. The
records must show in a clear manner the receipts from each individual game and the manner in
which receipts have been disposed.
10.3 An Annual Profit and Loss A/C with Balance Sheet shall be issued in each season and a
copy must be sent to The South Wales Football Association Ltd. with the Club’s affiliation form (see
Rule 2.3.4). Failure to submit Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet will result in affiliation being witheld
until the information is received by the Association.

11.1 Matches may be played on Sundays within the jurisdiction of this Association.
11.2 Clubs who are affiliated to a designated Sunday League can only play on that Day.

12.1 Any Club intending to make application to play in a League or Competition not organised by
a League or Competition affiliated to this Association must first obtain permission of the Council.
Applications should be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary by 31st July annually.


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