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24.1 Matches are prohibited during close season.
24.2 The season commences in the month af August in one year and ends at a date determined
by The Football Association of Wales. No Competition Matches shall be played after this date, but
permission of the Council may be given for Special Matches if application is made 21 days
24.3 With the prior consent of the Association Practice Matches between teams of the same
Club or between teams from different Clubs may be played during the 28 days immediately
preceding the playing season.
24.4 In such practice matches if a gate is taken the net receipts must be distributed before the
15th September in each season concerned as follows: not less than 25% to this Association or
other Area or County Association (if the competing Clubs are not both members of this
Association) and the balance shall be used or distributed in such manner as the Club or Clubs
shall decide.
24.5 When English and Welsh Clubs play each other in Public Practice Matches as provided for
in this Rule, the 25% of the gate receipts referred to shall be equally divided, 12.5% being given to
the English County Football Association concerned and the other 12.5% to this Association.
24.6 The net receipts of each match shall be calculated by deducting from the gross receipts the
essential ground and travelling expenses concerned with the match which shall not in any case
exceed 20% of the gross receipts. A return of the monies received, the expenses, and sums paid
together with the necessary receipts must be sent to The Football Association of Wales Ltd. and
the Area or County Association (if competing Clubs are not both members of this Association) from
whom consent to play the match was obtained.
24.7 The Association shall by the 30th September of each season make a complete return to The
Football Association of Wales of the matches played and the monies distributed.
24.8 Matches between teams of different Clubs must be advertised as Public Practice Matches
and must be open to the public on payment. Players who have not previously been members of
the Clubs and players who have not been engaged for the following season may play in such
practice matches.

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