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About The Doug Langley Fair Play Award:

Although not a competition in the accepted sense, the Fair Play award was instigated in 2006 to find the most sporting young team in South Wales. Each local league submits their own nomination and those nominated are then visited (incognito) by assessors from the South Wales FA who report on the behaviour of players, managers and spectators towards each other and match officials with the team gaining the highest reports over several visits being declared the winners.


Previous winners of the Award

2006/2007  AFC Porth under-13
2007/2008  Heath Park Rangers under-13
2008/2009  Barry Bluebirds under-13
2009/2010  Afan Lido under-14
2010/2011 Penygraig BGC under - 13
2011/2012   Caerphilly Machen Devils
2012/2013 CANCELLED
2013/2014 AFC Llwydcoed
2014/2015 CANCELLED


Doug Langley Fair Play Trophy

Title and eligibility

  • This competition shall be entitled the South Wales Football Association Doug Langley Fair Play Trophy and shall be organised by the South Wales Football Association (SWFA).
  • The SWFA shall appoint a designated officer to oversee the running of the competition each year.
  • All leagues who organise junior competitions at eleven-a-side and play under the governance of the SWFA shall be eligible to take part in this event.


  • The SWFA shall convene a meeting to be held no later than September 30 each season to confirm the structure for that season's competition.
  • Although the age group shall be defined as any team up to and including under-16, this meeting may decide to limit the age group to a narrower band.
  • Member leagues shall be advised of the closing date for nominations to the SWFA - each league may nominate one team to take part in the Association judging section of the competition. Nominations must be made either by letter or e-mail.
  • The criteria for selection at this stage shall be entirely the responsibility of the member league.
  • The prize for the overall winning team shall be decided upon by the SWFA.

Judging section

  • Leagues are responsible for providing the SWFA with copies of fixture lists for their nominated teams.
  • All league nominated teams to be assessed at least twice but no more than three times by the designated end date which will be set annually but be no later than April 14. This to include at least one home and one away game.
  • Assessors shall be appointed to games by the SWFA - whilst Leagues can advise clubs that they will be assessed they are not allowed to divulge the exact games to clubs.
  • Reports shall be compiled by assessors and forwarded to the association after each game attended.

Marking criteria

Assessors will be asked to mark clubs on the following criteria (notes under each heading are given for guidance)

  1. Behaviour of spectators

•  Are spectators sporting in their behaviour?

•  Do they offer positive support to both teams?

•  Do they behave in an appropriate manner towards the referee (regardless of whether it is a League appointed official)?

2. On-field behaviour of players

  • Do they play the game in a fair way?
  • Are they vocal towards their opponents?
  • Do players accept instructions from their own management?

3. Behaviour of team management towards opponents and officials

  • Do managers place the well-being and safety of each player above all other considerations?
  • Do managers offer positive encouragement to opponents
  • Are referee decisions accepted without question?

4. Attitude towards the referee (by all in the team - players and officials)

  • Are decisions accepted in a positive manner (even decisions against their team)?
  • Is there constant appealing for decisions in their favour?
  • Are club linesmen treated with respect?

5. Team management attitude towards their own players

  • Do they offer support and encouragement in a positive way?
  • Is there any unnecessary shouting at their own players?
  • Is there a win at all costs attitude in evidence?
  • Do the management try and involve all players in activities?

Clubs can be marked out of six on each category (i.e. a total maximum mark of 30 is possible). Where given, marks should reflect the following achievement:

Marking guidelines

  1. •  The club completely failed on this criteria
  2. •  Although not a complete failure, the club fell well short of what would be expected
  3. •  This was generally acceptable but more would be expected from a fair play nominee
  4. •  The club achieved what could be expected in this criteria
  5. •  Very well achieved
  6. •  Outstanding

A mark of six should only be awarded in any category where the assessor considers a significant event occurred to justify the awarding of such a score. It therefore follows that it may not be possible for a team to receive a mark of six if nothing in a game occurred to justify such an award being given.


A further category of overall discipline shall be included in the marking structure. This shall be arrived at by awarding each team ten points and deducting one point for each caution received by the Association and four for each sending-off.

Total Marks

The team with the highest marks from inspections and discipline shall be declared the winner. The SWFA reserve the right not to carry out a third inspection on any team where it is apparent that it will be impossible for them to overcome a higher-scored team based upon marks achieved to date.

The decisions of the SWFA on all points shall be considered final.